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We offer an exceptional package of benefits. You won’t find anything else like it out there. And you won’t find anyone quite like us, either.

  • Joe Brackenborough

    What our customers say

    I am kept up to date and emailed all the details  said on the telephone conversation, which is brilliant. Wish every company did that.

    Joe Brackenborough, Margate, Kent

  • Alisa Brown

    What our customers say

    Lisa Jones did everything she said she would and was just as easy to deal with over the phone and by email - great service.

    Alisa Brown, Selby, North Yorkshire

  • Darren Starkey

    What our customers say

    Communication was very good indeed. I received a phone call nearly every week keeping me up to date.

    Darren Starkey

Did you know ?

We wrote over 40,000 policies last year. We use all the major insurers – and for all of them we’re a top 5 customer.

Sajid Ansari,