How much cover do I need?

Do you need to protect a mortgage? Do you have children? How much do you spend each month?

Add it all up, and you’ll get a rough idea of the cover you need. It might be more than you bargained for. 

The good news is that even a large amount of cover can be surprising affordable. We’ll cut through the figures to find the cover you really need – and the lowest-cost premium for the best-value cover. Call us.

If you were average ... 
  • The cost of raising a child to 21 would be just over £227,000
  • Your outstanding mortgage would be £100,000 
  • Your household debt would be about £8,000 
  • The annual cost of running your car would be £3,500
  • ... and your total weekly spend would be £489 a week 

Facts from: Centre for Economic and Business Research 1/2014, Moneywise Consumer Opinion Survey, 6/2013 Credit Action, 2012 Daily Mail, 11/2013 5Office of National Statistics, 12/2013

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Did you know ?

Most people put their money on the safe bet and spend their money on what's more likely to happen. Who would you back? 100-1, 30-1, 2-1 favourite.

We would lay money on…

  • You have insured your iPad or phone
  • Protected your pet
  • Have home and contents cover

Protected the one thing that pays for all of that?

Protect the money making machine in your house…YOU

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