The risks of being ill if you're self-employed

We appreciate that being self-employed gives you a host of extra responsibilities - and it’s all the more important that you can find a way to protect all the things you work hard for.

Being ill and unable to work is difficult for anyone, but with no sick pay to fall back on being unable to work is especially difficult if you’re self-employed. The good news is the risks are easy to manage if you’ve got the right cover.

Income Protection offers the protection company sick pay would, covering your living expenses and protecting your mortgage if accident or sickness mean you can’t work. With cover starting from as little as £10 a month, an Income Protection policy could be your smartest investment. 

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  • Two-thirds of people underestimate the risk of being unable to work for over 6 months. 17% believe the risk is as low as 1 in 1000. The reality is 1 in 10.

Words of Wisdom

  • "With no employer to offer sick pay and meagre state assistance, Income Protection should be a top priority for self-employed workers."
  • Ricky Butler - Senior LifeSearch Adviser