Why do you need me to answer questions?

An off-the-shelf policy is rarely cost-effective and some jobs, lifestyles and health conditions make a one-size-fits-all policy an expensive mistake, especially if it risks not paying when you need it.

By getting to know you and finding out what you want, LifeSearch advisers will find the cover that really suits your needs.  And because we know the UK insurance market better than anyone else, we can promise you the best value for money around. Call us.

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5 reasons to call

  • We understand the factors that make up the cost of the cover, and know how to get you the best value cover.
  • We work with all the major UK insurers, and are the UK's leading expert at getting the benefits you need.
  • We'll find the right cover and the right terms; it makes all the difference when you claim.
  • We offer free, honest, unbiased advice better than anyone else.
  • You'll deal with one person all the way. The same LifeSearch Adviser is there for you from start to finish.

Our 5 step advice process

  • 1. We get to know you.
  • 2. We recommend what we think is best.
  • 3. You decide what you want and how much to spend.
  • 4. We take you through the application.
  • 5. You're covered!