How much Life Insurance can I get for £5?

That depends.

If you're an 18-year-old non-smoker, £5 a month could get you as much as £150,000 life cover on a 20 year decreasing-term policy. If you're 60 and want a legacy to pass on to a loved one, £5 might buy a guaranteed £1,000 cash lump sum. £5 buys different things for different people. The question is: what do want your £5 to do for you?

We promise to make your £5 work as hard for you as £5 can.

If anyone can find you quality Life Insurance for £5 a month, it's LifeSearch. As the UK's biggest independent adviser we promise you honest, unbiased recommendations and the best possible value, however much you spend. If £5 is your budget, that's fine, but if a few pounds extra can make a big difference to your family's financial well-being, we'll let you know.

Properly set up, the pay-out from your Life Insurance is tax-free and goes directly to the people you choose. The £5 you spend on your life cover policy could be the wisest purchase you'll ever make.

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Words of wisdom

  • BUYER BEWARE! You can find low-cost policies advertised all over the place. While cheap prices make great headlines, those rates aren't offered to everyone - once you apply they may not be the bargain they seem.

Did you know?

  • If you're interested in making your money go further, Family Income Benefit is one of the best-value policies you can buy. Paying out in annual or monthly instalments, and with policies starting at £5, Family Income Benefit is one of the most cost-effective ways to buy cover.