What sick pay will I get from  my employer?

Few of us know exactly what kind of sick pay benefits are offered by our employers. It’s often a nasty surprise to find out how limited they are.

While most UK employers are obliged to pay Statutory Sick Pay of £87.55 a week, not all are, and although some will pay more, rarely does an employer offer your normal rate of pay. What you do get might not be enough to cover your outgoings.

Even at its best, sick pay rarely offers long or even medium-term protection. Statutory Sick Pay ends after 28 weeks, some employers’ benefits last only a few days and only 9% of employers will offer any kind of help after a year. And unless you’ve got Medical Insurance as an employee benefit, you can’t expect your employer to meet any medical costs you might face.

Income Protection can support your family until you’re able to work while Critical Illness Cover pays a tax-free cash lump sum to help pay for treatment. We can tailor both types of policy to fit around your existing employee benefits, and give you the cover you really need.

Whatever your budget, whatever your needs, we’ll find the right cover for you. Call us.

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State Benefits - Employment and Support Allowance

  • Only pays out if you're unable to do any kind of work.
  • You'll be expected to rely on savings first and foremost.
  • The level of your partner's income will affect your claim.

Income Protection - Own Occupation cover

  • Pays in full if you're unfit for your current job.
  • Is unaffected by your savings or other income.
  • Can continue paying until you reach retirement.