Why would I want Life Insurance? Do I need it?

The general rule is: when something's important, it's a good idea to insure it. 

You need car insurance by law. People generally insure their mortgages, pets, holidays and phones, because it's easy to see how much they cost when things go wrong.

Now think about your income. Think about everything that depends on it. Much as you love your pet, and your phone, what's the most critical factor to your family's well-being? If your income supports your family you should probably think about insuring it.

Life Insurance buys security and peace of mind, but more critically it provides a financial future for your family if you can't. Call us to find out more.

Do Gill, Tim and Sarah need Life Insurance?

Gill's 54, single, in full-time employment. She's paid off her mortgage, her son's left college and is travelling. Gill goes on a LOT of holidays (work permitting).

Tim and Sarah have just bought the house next door. Their two children are starting school. Sarah works part-time, Tim full-time. They're obsessed with redecorating and power tools!

The big question is, who needs Life Insurance?

With no dependents, Gill probably doesn't need life cover (she might consider cover against falling ill or losing her income). If Sarah and the kids would be worse off if Tim died, life cover for Tim is a very good idea (a joint policy with Sarah even better), especially if their policy covers accidents with power tools.

In real life, of course, there's a lot more to consider, but that's why we're here - to advise what's best for you, and make sure you only pay for what you really need.