Why it's important to act now!

If you feel it's the right time to get covered, then it is.

Life Insurance looks after those you care for most and buying it is a grown-up, responsible thing to do - which explains why some people never get around to it. The good news is that getting covered is cheaper and easier than you might think - and the sooner you have your cover in place, the better.

Here are the top five important reasons why it makes sense to get covered now.

1. Nothing's more important than your family.

If your income pays your family's expenses, Life Insurance will support them if you're not there to provide. Getting the right cover means your family's financial future is properly protected.

2. The sooner you act, the sooner you get covered.

Life Insurance won't give you the option of being wise after the event: getting it sorted now guarantees it's there if you need it.

3. Life cover is cheaper the sooner you buy it

Because the cost of cover increases with age, the price goes up the longer you leave it. Since you're the youngest you'll ever be, the cheapest time to buy is now!

4. Protect your cover against future medical conditions

Buy the right kind of policy now and you can protect yourself against the price rises that come with age-related medical conditions

5. It's a good time to buy insurance!

With so many insurers and so many types of cover, Life Insurance is more competitive than it's ever been: there's a cost-effective way to get the cover you need.

Don't put it off!

Buying Life Insurance sits on a lot of people's 'to do' lists, but good intentions only count if they're backed up by action. Get covered and you'll protect your family, secure a great rate, and still have the freedom to with to different cover whenever you like.

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Words of wisdom

  • Every so often we get a heart-breaking call asking about a policy for someone who eventually decided not to take out a policy. Breaking the news that a loved one isn't insured is hard: losing someone precious is devastating, and facing an uncertain future only adds to the distress. It happens all too often, but it needn't happen to you. If you're concerned about what you can do to support your loved ones, call us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Is it ever worth waiting?

  • Not often. For the sake of balance we've tried to think of a time when waiting to get your insurance sorted might make sense, but we can only think of one. As many insurance companies won't cover you if you're about to have an operation, we often recommend that clients scheduled to undergo surgery wait until they've recovered before choosing the best policy. Even so, we can still get a lot of the groundwork done in advance, so it's always worth calling in to check out your options.