Why should I buy Life Insurance through LifeSearch - and not straight from my bank?

You could buy insurance from a bank, but don't. It's a bad idea.

Your bank can’t give you independent advice about the right policy to buy – they’re not even allowed to try. Banks are only permitted to sell their own (or their partners’) products. Even if the person selling you their bank’s policy knows that it’s over-priced or poor quality, they’re not allowed to recommend the better-value cover you could find elsewhere.

LifeSearch will get you the best deal around. As the UK’s leading independent adviser, LifeSearch work with all major insurers (and the best smaller ones too) to offer you the very best-value cover available. We can choose from hundreds of different policies, and will make an unbiased recommendation of the best cover available. (The chances of your bank offering anything like real value for money are, it’s got to be said, extremely small.)

  • But won’t insurance be cheaper if I buy directly? You’d have thought so, but no. Make a head-to-head comparison between our quote and any insurer’s, and we can promise you that our price will be the same (or better) on any like-for-like policy. What’s more, we won’t charge a penny extra to set up your policy, and we offer an exclusive series of benefits no insurer or adviser can match.
  • Free Trust Service. Trusts are a tax- and time-efficient way to set up your life insurance policy. We’ll write your policy in Trust - FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Expert claims team. Our specialist claims team can support you every step of the way if you need to make a claim – helping you by filling in forms, chasing up paperwork, and making sure you get paid.
  • Specialist Support. Call us and you’ll always speak to a protection insurance specialist. You can even book calls with your own preferred adviser – your personal point of contact – so you’ll never need to start from scratch when you call.
  • Annual Cover Review. The cover you need changes as your life does. We’ll stay in touch and make sure your cover keeps up with your life.
  • Price Match Pledge. Nobody wants to pay more for cover than they have to. Find a better deal elsewhere and we’ll do our best to beat it.

Life’s too precious to struggle with life insurance. We’re passionate about finding you your perfect cover, so let us help! 

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