Client Support

Taking the hassle out of insurance applications for our clients

  • Working with your Advisers and their clients to progress applications
  • Engaging with GPs, insurers and others to get clients protected
  • Providing industry-best service and support
  • Being a great ambassador for our culture and values

From time to time, the insurers will ask for further information to support a client's request for insurance. This may be a report from the client's GP, the results of a medical examination, financial evidence or numerous other reports which could potentially delay the client getting cover.

Our aim is to make the process of getting life insurance in place as easy and stress-free as possible, so if such requirements are asked for by the insurer, our Client Support team is there to take the strain.
In short, as Client Support you will do whatever you can, as quickly as you an to chase all these requirements down so that the insurance company can make their decision on the cover.

You'll apply common sense and be able to switch between being assertive and sensitive depending on what's called for. The Client Support role is diverse, varied and challenging, and is very busy. You'll be responsible for a Protection Adviser and their clients.

There are performance benchmarks that you will work towards.

Did you know?

Almost 100 LifeSearchers developed their careers in the last 2 years

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