Our culture

Since day one, we've intentionally kept our structure as flat as possible.

Between our front line team and CEO, there are just two layers of leadership. That's something pretty extraordinary in financial services which are usually riddled with multiple layers of Vice-Presidents of this, and Divisional Directors of that.

We don't refer to our people as 'employees' or 'staff'. We're LifeSearchers. Everyone has a purpose, and we are regarded as a partner in our business.

We have a clear set of values and every LifeSearcher is a guardian and ambassador of these. Our daily behaviour is equally important as the performance we achieve.

Our five values are:

Care - Tolerance - Honesty - Excellence - Openness

By LifeSearchers living those values every day, we help deliver our culture statement which is what it 'feels' like to work here.

Our culture holds people at its heart and the most important people of all are our customers. To do right by our customers we have a culture that's target driven, rewarding and fun. This culture drives the need for company-wide teamwork in a competitive yet respectful atmosphere. Our culture encourages us to try out new ideas and give change a chance.