Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our most commonly asked questions

Make sure your cover pays out to the right people at the right time. LifeSearch Trusts offers clients the FREE arrangement of Trusts for their policies. Call us now to find out more.

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Should I put my Life policy in Trust?

LifeSearch was set up with one sole purpose in mind; to protect people and their families in ways we know are best for them. We believe we are different but you don’t have to take our word for it. We know our stuff and we want you to benefit.

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Who is LifeSearch?

LifeSearch is the largest, most award-winning telephone-based protection insurance adviser in the UK.

We pledge to give you honest, unbiased advice, to find the right type of Life Insurance and protection policy for you, and to get you the most competitive premium possible.

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What is the service LifeSearch provides?

Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover do very different jobs. To choose which is right for you, think about what you want to protect yourself from – and the kind of help you’ll need.

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What's the difference between Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover?

Critical Illness Cover pays you a tax-free cash lump sum if you’re diagnosed with one of the conditions listed in your policy. The illnesses covered by a Critical Illness policy must include: certain types/stages of cancer, coronary artery bypass, heart attack, kidney failure, major organ transplant, multiple sclerosis and stroke. These illnesses account for 90% of all Critical Illness claims, and a Critical Illness policy has to cover those as a minimum.

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What is covered with Critical Illness Cover?

If you own a small business there's a better way to buy life insurance for yourself and your key employees. With a relevant life policy the business makes the payments, not the person who's covered. That means you won't pay any national insurance contributions or income tax on the premiums but you still get the benefits of corporation tax relief. And that all adds up to save you money.

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Tell me about Relevant Life Cover for business

MORE support, MORE help, MORE care. If you become seriously ill, what value would you and your family put on a reliable source of advice, support, help and care? If you passed away, what value would you put on bereavement counselling and help for your family?

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Tell me about LifeSearch Care

Income Protection covers up to 70% of your pay if you are unable to work. Being ill, injured or unable to earn is less of a worry when you know your wages are protected. Income Protection is "The one protection policy every working adult should consider" says WHICH?, but make sure you get a good policy.

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Why do I need Income Protection?

You probably bought cover to protect your house - how about everything that makes it a home?

Most people buy mortgage protection - it's a type of cover that guarantees repayments on your house, but it won't go further to help those who live there.

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Tell me about Family Income Benefit

As the UK’s leading adviser we promise to deliver the best value deal for the cover you need.

We will never be beaten on price. But we insist on finding you the right cover.

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What is the LifeSearch Price Promise?

Critical illness cover can help you and your family cope in the event of a diagnosis of serious illness. The money provided from your claim could help in a number of ways.

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Why do I need Critical Illness Cover?


1 in 29 children will lose a parent while still in full-time education.

Why do you need me to answer questions? Find out more >

By getting to know you, LifeSearch Advisers can find the cover that suits your needs

How much cover do I need? Find out more >

Do you need to protect a mortgage? Do you have children? How much do you spend each month?

Which is best? A fixed income benefit policy or lump sum? Find out more >

It surprises some people that insurance can deliver yearly or even monthly payments

Isn't Life Insurance expensive? Find out more >

If you need it, Life Insurance is the best buy you'll ever make. Buy wisely and it's more affordable than you think

Why do we need a call to talk through my policy? Find out more >

We understand the Life Insurance market. You understand your life. Together, we'll find the perfect policy

Why would I want Life Insurance? Do I need it? Find out more >

When something's important, it's a good idea to insure it

I know I should be thinking about Life Insurance. Find out more >

Life Insurance is a wonderful way to cherish and celebrate life

How much is £100,000 worth of cover? Find out more >

You can spend as much - or as little - as you like

The risks of being ill if you're self-employed. Find out more >

Protect all the things you work hard for

What sick pay will I get from my employer? Find out more >

It's often a nasty surprise to find out how limited sick pay is

Why do you need to know my height and weight? Find out more >

BMI (Body Mass Index) describes the relationship between height and weight

Do I need advice? Find out more >

We say it’s ALWAYS better to seek independent advice.

What kinds of protection insurance are there? Find out more >

Here's an overview of the main varieties.

What does 'indexation' mean? Find out more >

How your cover keeps track of inflation.

Why does my health affect the cost of my cover? Find out more >

Knowing the risks lets insurers price their policies competitively. We can guide you through this.

Why does this policy cost more than the one I saw advertised? Find out more >

LifeSearch will match - or beat - the price of any leading insurer.

How does my age affect the cost of my cover? Find out more >

Age is one of the most important factors that decides the price of life insurance.

What is the likelihood of me becoming ill, or even dying? Find out more >

Since you asked, here are some facts.

Do I get my money back if I don’t claim? Find out more >

We explain how protection insurance is a bit like pet or car insurance in that way.

I am about to have an operation. Find out more >

What kind of insurance should I buy?

Making a claim. Find out more >

How LifeSearch will support you in the claims process.

Terminal Illness Cover or Critical Illness Cover. Find out more >

Making the right choice, getting the correct policy for you.

Critical Illness Cover for your children. Find out more >

Protection if your children fall ill.

Business: Keyman Cover. Find out more >

Protect your business against the loss of a key person through serious illness or death.

Business: Group Protection. Find out more >

What you need to know to provide Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover for your employees.

The Best Doctors service. Find out more >

Additional support to help with illness diagnosis

Why do I need to review my policy? Find out more >

The benefits of having your policy regularly reviewed for relevance and price

Why should I buy cover through LifeSearch and not my bank? Find out more >

Your bank can't give you independent advice on the right product to buy - LifeSearch can

The right protection cover saves lives. Find out more >

Having the right cover can stop a crisis becoming a disaster.

Why it's important to act now to buy your Life Insurance. Find out more >

It's beneficial to buy your Life Insurance sooner rather than later.

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment vs Income Protection. Find out more >

Read more about the differences

How much cover can I get for £5? Find out more >

To be able to get cover for just £5 will depend on your circumstances.

A case study about Angie and her battle with Cancer. Find out more >

This is a video that explains Angie's story, by Angie.

The is the story about Marie and her fight with Cancer. Find out more >

In her own words, share in her experiences.

Insurance by numbers. Find out more >

Critical Illness and Income Protection claims.

Insurance by numbers. Find out more >

Some general statistics and a view of UK geographic variations.