Why do I need to review my policy?

It's always a good idea to make sure you're getting the best deal on your cover...

Just as you'd compare your options before renewing your car or home insurance, your LifeSearch Review will make sure you're getting the best value for money on your life insurance, and other cover too.
  • If you've moved, re-mortgaged, stopped smoking, changed job, retired or had an addition to the family, it's very likely you could benefit from updating your cover. We'll show you how.
  • Insurers often launch new policies with better rates and better cover. If there's a new policy that gives you more protection or a better price, we'll find it for you.
  • We can review ALL your cover, not just policies you've found through LifeSearch. Updating or combining old policies could save you a small fortune.
There's no downside to a LifeSearch Review - it's free as part of the service you're entitled to as a LifeSearch client. You won't need to change any of your existing policies (unless you want to!) and nothing will affect the terms of your existing cover, unless it's to your advantage. Call us - reviewing your cover will save you money, find you better benefits, or at least confirm you've already got the best cover available.

Your LifeSearch Annual Review is FREE. Call us on 0800 316 3166 to talk to your Adviser.

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