I know I should be thinking about life insurance...

Forget about dying for a moment: life insurance is a wonderful way to cherish and celebrate life.

Your life insurance policy is there to benefit and protect the most important people alive – your family – and setting up a policy is one of the most thoughtful, generous and selfless things you can do.

People often say life insurance ‘buys peace of mind’. That’s all well and good. A LifeSearch policy will protect your family when it matters most. Call us.

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Words of wisdom

  • "Life Insurance can be one of the most important insurances we ever buy. We all hope we never need it, of course, but being able to pay the bills, and securing your family's future if something goes wrong, is important to everyone."
  • Tom Baigrie, Founder, LifeSearch


  • We asked how much people would be willing to spend on Life and Health Insurance each month. The average answer was £50, which is actually more than generous - more than enough to cover the essentials!