Family Income Benefit: protect what matters most

You probably bought cover to protect your house - how about everything that makes it a home?

Most people buy mortgage protection - it's a type of cover that guarantees repayments on your house, but it won't go further to help those who live there.

Life needs living and bills need paying. Family Income Benefit picks up those costs if you're not there to cover them. With policies starting from £5 a month it's often the most cost-effective cover to buy. Call us.

Family Income Benefit can replace your pay if you die...
Say you take home £2,000 a month, and want that income secured for 20 years. Die two years into the policy and your family would get £2,000 a month for the remaining 18 years covered. Die 19 years in, and your family get £2,000 a month for that last year. Either way, their income is safeguarded for the full 20 years.

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5 features you might look for:

  • 1. Cover that protects your family's day-to-day expenses.
  • 2. Cover for the period your family needs it most.
  • 3. Cover that offers critical illness benefits.
  • 4. Protection against the rising cost of living.
  • 5. Protection for your premium payments if you're ill.

Why Family Income Benefit makes sense

  • Family Income Benefit gives the MOST COVER at the LOWEST COST - with great value policies starting from £5 a month.
  • It pays out a tax-free income and avoids investment fees, charges and tax.
  • It's ideal for young families, and for those who need a lot of cover at low rates.
  • Money is paid in easy, manageable  payments that won't run out too early.
  • What our customers say

    I would  definitely recommend your company as the information I received was clear and the advisor I spoke to was clear and made sure I was comfortable with what I was being asked and what I was agreeing too. Very happy customer.

    Kersty Fuller - Hull

  • What our customers say

    Great. Carl Bravo and Jamal Shashore (and everyone else I spoke to) were both very helpful, polite and took the time to ensure I understood everything.  Big thanks for helping me through the process and finding us the right insurance policies!

    James McDonald - London

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    I first dealt with Lifesearch over 5 years ago and have always been impressed with the friendly and informative service I have received.

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    They got me the best quote and advised which one would be best for me. Excellent service.

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    Really very good!! Not only offered products that suited my needs but also kept me informed of better/cheaper products that were found.

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